Corvettes of Lake County




COLC Year End Dinner

Date: December 12th, 2017
Location: RUNNING CREEK CASINO in Upper Lake, CA
Number of Photos: 5

The Casino did a great job on decorations and the Prime rib roast beef was GREAT! Melted in your mouth kind of great! The casino even had three gifts that were drawn by ticket numbers they passed out.
The COLC members brought toys/gifts for kids in the Lakeport area to be given out by the Lakeport Police/Fire Departments.


John drove two of the three, very cute sisters; Kevin’s grand daughters.

The weather couldn’t have been any better. Beautiful day for a parade.


Date: November 11th, 2017
Location: Petaluma, CA
Number of Photos: 12

A great event headed by Kevin McKinnie again this year as in many other years passed. Clubs from the NBCA, VVV, DVC, & COLC. I, John Yde, represented the COLC and Ken Runyan, his wife Nancy, former members of the COLC, along with their son, Ryan. Drove THREE Corvettes in the parade. My 62 Corvette had burned out an ignition resister, parts houses were closed, in Willits, the evening before the parade, so I took the C-6 for the parade this year.
There were 26 Corvettes, all together, with better than half driven by retired members of the armed services driving more retired armed services members. Then the overflow drove with little ‘ROSEY THE RIVETER’s’ and the CALENDAR GIRLS of Santa Rosa dressed in military gear. After the parade most of us had a BBQ lunch at the Veterans hall in Petaluma.


We drove through the Chandelier Drive through Tree, again. The C-7 did fit with-out scraping the side of the car.

26th Annual SEA CRUISE

Date: October 4-6th, 2017
Location: Crescent City, CA
Number of Photos: 19

There were four of us out of a possible fourteen cars meeting at the BK parking lot in Willits. Doug & Brian, Gail & I (John), members of the COLC, and former members of the COLC Ken & Nancy Runyan, and ‘Doc” Savarese.  At least they were all Corvettes; C-1, C-3, C-5, & C-7 (all odds?).

Great weather, food, and sights on the way up and back. Did get into some road construction, but not bad. There were 415 signed-up entrants, but a lot of spaces that were empty this year? Around 40 Corvettes, on and around Corvette Hill. Still a good showing. Len Atlas, SOCA, Ken Runyan and myself, COLC did trophy.
On our return trip, the Runyan's and Yde’s drove back together while the other two had different plans. Doc had left earlier that Sunday morning.
We stopped at the “Trees of Mystery” again, and went through the American Indian Museum, then stopping for pictures with the ocean as a back-drop.

Driving South, just North of Eureka, the wind was blowing at around 60 mph, the bay looked like a cotton field with all the White-caps. We got home in time to get a reverse 911 call, at 1:00 AM, to evacuate because of a forest fire close to us.. Then lost all communications.  All is good now. We were the lucky ones.


Wine Country Corvettes Annual Run to Fort Bragg

Date: September 29th, 2017
Location: Cloverdale to Fort Bragg, CA
Number of Photos: 3

For many years I (John) have joined with this club meeting at Hamburger Ranch for lunch in Cloverdale. Ken & Nancy R. have also made this trip with us for a couple of years.


McConnell Chevrolet BBQ

Date: September 23rd, 2017
Location: Healdsburg, CA
Number of Photos: 7

There were 40 Corvettes at this Sponsor of the Corvettes of Sonoma County Club, with myself (John) representing the COLC. Great weather and food.


This is one of five built race cars, and valued at $2,000,000. Was on display and he fired up during the show through-out the day.

41st Annual Corvette Specular Show

Date: September 17th, 2017
Location: Los Altos, CA
Number of Photos: 11

Santa Clara Corvette Club put on another great all Corvette show again this year with a limit of 145 cars.Gail and myself stayed over night and had dinner at the ‘Fish Market’ again as for the last fourteen years. In the PAST we had over twenty people sitting on a loooong table all together, from many different clubs, including many COLC members. We used to have a lot of fun then.

The 62 did get a first place in class, tied with another Yellow 62 ( restro-mod C-6)



Date: August 19th, 2017
Location: Lake Country, CA
Number of Photos: 17

Nine Corvettes.
Looked like a lot of fun and after talking to the attending members, they ALL had a GREAT TIME & lots & LOT’S, of FUN.



Dates: August 8th, 2017 (Cake Presentation)
Location: Running Creek Casino
Number of Photos: 27

Putting Steve Cleveland’s C-5 Race car back together again after a long time apart. Finding the parts was a challenge for Martin Franusich, but with the two of us (John Yde) working together, WE DID IT! It did take a little longer than we expected.

Colleen has already painted and fixed up that part of the garage. She even brought a cake to our COLC club meeting with a picture of Steve's C-5 and a ‘Thank You Martin and John’ written on it.



Date: July 29th, 2017
Location: Kelseyville, CA
Number of Photos: 11

Corvettes of Sonoma County were having a poker and lunch run going towards Kelseyville. When Betsy Knauf heard about this, she decided it would be a good idea to welcome that other club. Chuck Young made  the banner.  There was a mixup on their arrival time, by the restaurant, so we waited for two hours, in the hot sun, before the CSC arrived. They were very surprised and overwhelmed with the pom-poms, Sherry & Sandi, other Corvettes welcoming them as they drove into the reserved parking spaces.

13 CSC & 9 COLC Corvettes.



Date: July 22nd, 2017
Location: Fortuna, CA
Number of Photos: 22

Over 300 cars this year with another smaller ‘for sale’ cars on the other side of town. A ‘hit-n-miss engines, tractors, crafts fair, flee market, swap meet, a free school buss ride all over town, and a service breakfast. A fun show with lots of Corvettes and everything under the sun.

This is a tough show to place in, lots of computation, but Yohn got lucky this year, for only the 2nd time in 20 years in this show.



Date: July 14 & 15, 2017
Location: Southern Oregon
Number of Photos: 50

Four COLC Members met at the Burger King parking lot, in Willits traveling up North to Grants Pass, Oregon on Hwy 101 (cool, scenic ride) Four other COLC members went up Hwy 5 to Grants Pass, OR (hot fast drive?)

Unfortunately our cool ride turned into a very hot stop, for one and one half hours, not moving, in the hot sun, because of an accident a couple miles North of Leggett. So instead of arriving at Grants Pass at 3:30, it was 5:00. Still a nice trip going up the coast.

The SOCA had to cut a day short this year because of the lodge being renovated. Next SOCA SHOW is in 2019.

Member of COLC Jackie Hansen, sang the National Anthem again this year.

Grants Pass Fire association had a new 100 foot ladder truck that the firemen took pictures, with our cameras, of the show field. Very nice of them. Of course, they were the first in the BBQ chow line.

When the Fireman used my camera, he changed my camera settings, so with my camera being much smarter than me, I didn’t get that many pictures of the awards because of the light background and dark/shade foreground that were not to dark. Couldn’t get the flash to operate.

The trophy winners were: one in the COLC, none in the CSC, not sure how many in the DVC. Sponsors  choice awards were: Two in the COLC, one in the CSC, one in the Sonora Corvettes, again not sure about DVC... EXCEPT Victor Viti getting BEST OF SHOW with his, just repaired C-5. Member of CSC & DVC.

(On one of the pictures from the ladder truck,,   I am NOT leaning on Len Atlas’  63 Corvette)

Jet boats were great, as usual, although, we didn’t get as wet as in past years?



Date: May 28th, 2017
Location: Willits, CA
Number of Photos: 12

Six Corvettes entered; one from COLC club.



Date: May 27th, 2017
Location: Upper Lake, CA
Number of Photos: 8

After the parade, 17 Corvettes went to Upper lake for the Casino show for a few hours.



Date: May 27th, 2017
Location: Lakeport, CA
Number of Photos: 13

15 Corvettes.
COLC Vice President, Wade "RED" Herman, presenting Boy Scout Troop 49 leader Ken Mondfrans & Senior patrol leader, Brent Hinkhcliff, holding the American flag, a check for our club’s sponsor and for leading our annual Lakeport parade again this year.

Pat Franusich had the honor of driving Miss Lake County Teen, Hanna Scully, through the parade this year.



Date:May 21st, 2017
Location: Santa Rosa
Number of Photos: 5

John and the Wine Country Corvettes.



Date:May 6th, 2017
Location: Travis AFB
Number of Photos: 9

One member of the COLC joined with the Corvettes of Sonoma County attending this air show.


Beautiful ride home with the ‘top down’.


Date: First Weekend of April
Location: Northern Sacramento, off Truxel Rd.
Number of Photos: 14

 The annual HOOTERS RUN was, as always, held on the first weekend of April. Seven COLC Corvettes, met at the Moose Lodge parking lot on Hwy 20&53 with another member running late a few minutes behind us. A new Hooters in Northern Sacramento, off Truxel Rd. (the business on Challenge Rd. Closed.) This was a much better venue as it turned out.
 There were 13 rows with 15 Corvettes parked per row, plus scattered parking making a total of over 220 Corvettes at the show.  Was nice to see people we hadn't seen over the years. Weather was 71 degrees with very little wind in the large shopping center.



1-18-1933 to 1-18-2017
Location: El Dorado , CA
Number of Photos: 8

Services for a long time friend, Corvette author, & expert on C-1 and C-2 Corvettes. President of the Solid Axel Corvette Club International, for many years. Member of NCRS, SACC, NCM, and Midyear Corvettes, probably other clubs also…. Respected by many in the Corvette community. He passed away on January 18th. 2017 on his 84th Birthday.
 He had a very nice service by his very large family.
We had 21 Corvettes at his service in his hometown in El Dorado Hills, Ca. Covering all ‘C’ series Corvettes.
John Yde represented the COLC Club.



Local Corvette members , past and present, and Bay area Corvette club members along with Steve's many friends. Around 150 people at the service.


Date: Dec. 17th, 2016
Number of Photos: 21


Steve and Mike Thompson started the Corvettes of Lake County in 2003. The COLC has been to many Corvette shows, parades, runs, the Corvette Museum, the Corvette factory, in Bowling Green, Kt., drag races, auto-crosses, race tracks, Thunder Hill, etc. Have had COLC Corvette shows in Lakeport for nine years with up to 100 Corvettes entered one year, and participated in the Lakeport Parade (some say Corvette parade, up to 80 Corvettes, in three groups ) Club participation at Hooters in Sacramento (20 COLC members), throughout the years.

Rest in piece Steve.

Dan Divita, (Secretary WSCC) Ruth Marston, Wendell Strode, ( National Corvette Museum, Bowling Green, Ky.), & Buzz Marston ( President of WSCC)


The Buffet was really great food with coffee tea, and water. All for $25.00 per person. Really hard to beat that price. Had a short gift exchange after dinner.


Date: Dec. 13th, 2016
Location: Running Creek Casino, Upper Lake
Number of Photos: 10

We had 25 people. The lady in charge, really went all out setting up the dining room. Even the Red & Green napkins were folded to look like CHRISTMAS TREES.A decorated , lighted sign in he entrance with a picture of a 58 Corvette. A real CLASS ACT!



Passed away January 3, 2017.  She was 91 years of age.


NBCA, VVV, and COLC Corvette Club members,  with Lee and Lee’s daughter, Barbara, behind John.


Date: December 10th
Location: Napa
Number of Photos: 6

Corvette Club at the Meadows (Napa rest home) to see Lee Chappat, a TRUE 'ROSIE the REVERTER’. She had a heart attack two weeks before our visit. Our timing turned out to be good.

It has been a real treat, pleasure, and an honor to escort Lee in the ‘VETS in VETTES’  Veterans Day Parade, Nov.11th. in Petaluma, the last two of my five years of participating. Thanks to Kevin McKinnie,  NBCA for organizing this and the parade event every year.


Shifters club president Neil Orr poising for the camera against our club project; 54 Ford Police car.

Jesse was killed in Afghanistan. I have known and went to school with the Pittman family starting in 1950.

Navy Seal team 5 ‘Tridents’ on the rear of the sign.  I have asked Cal-Trans to protect these Tridents from theft; said they are working on it.


Date: Nov. 3rd, 2016
Location: Willits
Number of Photos: 19

50 years in the planning!

From John Yde: Being an original member of the Willits Shifters Car club starting in 1958.We were asked to supply 8/10 older cars to drive dignitaries through the new bypass after the hoopla/ speeches were over. As it turned out, Cal-Trans decided to get as many cars os possible a day before the opening. Many more people than they had expected. We had almost all the older cars from Willits and many Corvettes also. No time to ask the members of the COLC and the Ukiah Early Iron clubs to attend. Sorry to say. It worked out real well with 3 and 4 people in sedans, including my wife Gail, driving her 57 Bel-Air.

  It was my honor and pleasure to chauffeur William, Bill L. across the viaduct. He wanted a ‘coffee’ so when in town I bought him one. He wanted to give me his Seal Teem 5 ‘wings’ off his Blues, I refused his offer, but he gave it to me anyway. One of the ‘Tridents’ came off his Blues also.



Date: Oct. 30th, 2016
Location: Arbuckle
Number of Photos: 6

Only 35 cars entered mostly ‘locals’ to the area; normally 300+ entries in nice weather. A couple of us drove two hours in the rain. It was very windy, light rain (off/on), and very cold; so was the outdoor breakfast. No Tri-Tip BBQ this year.



Date: Oct. 26th, 2016
Location: Sacramento Valley National Cemetery, Dixon, CA
Number of Photos: 11

Member of the Vaca Valley Vettes and North Bay Corvette Association/ Auto-Cross & WSCC.


 13 people for an early ‘FANTASTIC’ Dinner. Thank you once again, ANDRE, from the 13 of us.


Date: Oct. 22nd, 2016
Number of Photos: 8

Richard & Sherry C. run to the COPPOLA Winery and an early Dinner at the UNION Hotel. Nine Corvettes to the winery and eight to the Italian dinner house.



Date: October 15th, 2016
Location: Vacaville
Number of Photos: 15

One COLC member, John Y. took second place, of seven, in C-1 class. Very hard to beat a Beautiful, ‘like new’ 55 Corvette. About 70 cars entered.
Rained on the way home through Colusa, Lake & Mendocino County’s. Lot’s of duct tape around the windshield made the 62  an 'all weather' Corvette again.



Date: October 8th, 2016
Location: Running Creek Casino, in Upper Lake
Number of Photos: 0

Last COLC & Running Creek, Show-N-Shine in Upper lake. About 19 entries.



Date: October 7-9th, 2016
Location: Crescent City
Number of Photos: 13

Beautiful weather this year unlike a VERY wet last year. 325 entries.

Two COLC members.  Andre H. and John Y. (1st place out of 8 in class).



Date: October 1st, 2016
Location: Ledson Winery, ‘The Castle’
Number of Photos: 12

80 Corvettes at the Castle.. Two COLC members entered.  Martin & Jacinda F. and  WSCC Representative, John Y.



Date: September 24th, 2016
Location: Willits
Number of Photos: 8

Two members of the COLC participated, Chuck C. and John Y., as did 8 Shifters car club members of Willits. (Est.1958) John Yde is the only ‘ORIGINAL’ member left still in the club. Club project: 54 Ford Police car.



Date: Septtember 18th, 2016
Location: Los Altos
Number of Photos: 13

This was also the largest show with 235 entries.
John Yde was the only COLC member entered, taking a 3rd place in class


Show & Shine


Date: September 10th, 2016
Location: Running Creek Casino, in Upper Lake
Number of Photos: 0

About 14 Corvettes attending.




Date: September 10th, 2016
Location: Cloverdale
Number of Photos: 9

Largest all car show yet for Cloverdale. 250 entries.

There were 6 members of the Corvettes of Sonoma county and John Yde from COLC.


Distance award went to ‘Charlie’, from Florida in a new C-7 (vacationing).  Miguel Victorina, (DVC), took 1st in class and ‘BEST OF SHOW’ in his C-3  class…..My C-6 took a 3rd in class.
Our C-6 ran GREAT! Only hit four tumble weeds, at speed of 88+….. pooooofff!   No damage, luckily!


Date: August 17th, 2016
Location: Grand Lake, Colorado
Number of Photos:

Rick & Sherry Centanni,  Gail & myself (JohnYde) left for Grand Lake, Colorado for the 8th Annual, ‘Mountain Madness' Corvette show. We met Jeff & Jackie Hanson at ‘Mel’s Dinner’ in Boomtown, Nevada for lunch. We all continued to Elko, NV for the 1st night.
The Centanni’s and us headed for Vernal, UT the second day, stopping at various sightseeing places, then continuing to Grand Lake, CO the third night.
Rick & Sherry visited with their daughter, son-in-law and the grandkids while Gail & I stayed at the Lodge for two days before heading to  Deer Lodge, Montana.
The CCC show had 75 entries most were C-6’s and C-7’s. Was a great show although we, most of us ‘flat landers’, had a hard time with the altitude (Tums, Gator Aid, and lots of water). The weather was lite rain, heavy rain, thunder & lightning, hail, then 39 degrees in the AM and then HOT & windy during the day.



Date: August 12-14th, 2016
Location: Library Park, Lakeport, CA
Number of Photos: 21

About 250 cars and boats were entered.
Four Corvettes.



Date: August 13th, 2016
Location: Running Creek Casino, in Upper Lake
Number of Photos: 1

About eleven Corvettes attended.


There were close to 240 cars entered in the $35.00 entry fee, MAIN Car show on Mail St. and an additional 200 cars in the $15.00 fee show & Shine/ for sale show, shopping center parking lots, on the other side of Fortuna.  You could hop on/hop off, a school bus that  would take a round trip of the whole town, all day.


Date: July 23rd, 2016
Location: Fortuna
Number of Photos: 25

There were many hit-n-miss engines running, along with many old farm tractors on display. A Flea market and homemade items for sale.
Started off with a $7 pancake breakfast.  There were four (Willits) Shifters car club members entered. Two former COLC members (Ken Runyan and Jeff Carlton) and COLC member John Yde.  Rick & Sherry Centanni stopped by and were impressed with the venue. They said they would be there next year.
Jeff Carlton won 1st. place with his NCRS, DUNTUF Award, 1959 perfect Corvette. A beautiful Green, almost a restro-mod, LS3 engine, 62 Corvette should have had Best of Show, (In my opinion,) but wasn’t so….  This was a tough class with Corvettes, T-Birds, MG’s, Triumph’s, & Austen-Heally’s.



Date: July 9th, 2016
Location: Running Creek Casino, in Upper Lake
Number of Photos: 10

14 Corvettes attending this month


This 2005, C-6 is the ‘ONLY' factory painted TORCH RED. It was acquired and sold by the National Corvette Museum to Montana Chevrolet dealer and collector David Ressler. New owner from Mendocino County, traded a Custom Harley-Davidson for the Corvette. LOW milage and like NEW!


Date: June 11th, 2016
Location: Running Creek Casino, in Upper Lake
Number of Photos: 10

We had 25 Corvettes attend our third months event. Weather was in the low 80’s, a beautiful day. People were in & out, and not all there at one time, which was great. There were seven COLC members, one from SCC, and the rest were from Lake and Mendocino Counties with no club affiliations.


Martin Franusich, club treasure, presenting Boy Scout leader, Ed Schuman our yearly donation of $300. With Ethan Schulman, Brent Hinchliff, and Harry Greene looking on.


Date: May 28th, 2016
Location: Lakeport
Number of Photos: 14

Lakeport Boy Scout troop 42 leading and carrying our COLC banner, as they have each year for the last 12 years at the Memorial Day parade. There were 13 Corvettes; not all were from the COLC.

We were number 5 in the short parade line-up this year.

After the parade four Corvettes went to Redwood Valley, for a BBQ by Steve & Colleen Cleveland. GREAT TIME & FOOD!   Thank you Steve and Colleen.


Chuck Young was asked to design a dash plaque for all the summer events (one plaque for the year) by the COLC members. We had 100 made for the year.


Date: May 7th, 2016
Location: Running Creek Casino, in Upper Lake
Number of Photos: 8

The month of May was raining from the start. We still had 17 Corvettes show-up for the show.

Again, a live D.J. playing a mix of songs this time.


Our first show was a beautiful warm, but cloudy morning until the downpour of rain from noon on. We had 33 Corvette parked and much to our surprise, NO one left because of the rain. NOT one Corvette melted in the rain, one had it’s wipers on for the FIRST time!


Date: April 9th, 2016
Location: Running Creek Casino, in Upper Lake
Number of Photos: 13

Club member Richard Steinbeck’s project to maybe draw some attention to help increase our membership by having an ‘ALL CORVETTE SHOW & SHINE’ once a month the Saturday before our membership meeting the second Tuesday of the month.
Starting in April until October. This is open to all Corvette owners in any club or no club at all. NO judging, NO charge to participate, AND the Running Creek Casino PAY’S you a $10.00 FREE PLAY, plus a breakfast special until noon for $2.99. Plus a live D.J. playing all the ‘OLDES'.



Date: April 2nd, 2016
Location: Sacramento
Number of Photos: 12

Six of us from the COLC made the annual trip this year. There were over 200 Corvettes in attendance all together at Hooters.




Date: December 8th, 2015
Location: Running Creek Casino, Upper Lake
Number of Photos: 4

29 members in attendance.



This event is put on by the North Bay Corvette Association, NBCA, and Kevin Mckinnie.

Vets in Vettes Parade

Date: November 11th, 2015
Location: Petaluma
Number of Photos: 12

The largest parade North of the Golden Gate featured 29 Corvettes with most of the owner/drivers being Military Veterans. There were some Santa Rosa ‘Calendar Girls’ riding with us to fill all the seats.

John was honored to again drive Lee Chappat and meet 'Tina' Ruozi. They both worked as welders at the ship yards at age 17; now 90 years young!


Had a “T” shirt printed at the show.


Date: 2015
Location: Crescent City
Number of Photos: 10

ALL car show.  This year was ‘WET & WETTER’, but still a good time.  500 registered cars, but with the weather, only 225 cars 'on the field'... 25 Corvettes ‘on the hill’.


40th Anniversary VETTE MAGIC

Date: September 20th, 2015
Location: Rancho Cordova
Number of Photos: 12

More entries this year than in the past. The whole South side of the parking lot was filled this year.
97 Corvettes.


Some pictures, with Victor receiving a 1st. place with his C-5. I placed third with my C-6 Custom. New ‘personalized’ Ca. plates. FREDM C6

Corvette Spectacular

Date: September 20th, 2015
Location: Los Altos
Number of Photos: 11

Victor V. and myself (John Yde) attended the "Corvette Spectacular" show in Los Altos on Sunday Sept. 20th. Representing the CSC Club. I was the only COLC member. The show was a sell-out, (165 entries), with people waiting to get in as some entered people were a ‘no show’.

The weather was a very hot 101 degrees. Luckily, I was NOT asked to be a car show judge this time. ( Sat in the shade) HAha!

I was parked next to Don Herzer, WSCC Webmaster, with his C-7, Z06.

Don ordered my 2005, Z51, R8C, 'Daytona SunSET Orange Metallic', new in 05, ( I purchased the 05 from him in 2011) and he also ordered his 2015, C-7, Z51, Z06, R8C,' Daytona SunRISE Orange Metallic.'  NOT the same color but same acronyms,,,,,, DSOM.



John Yde's Family Trip to Denmark

Date: Summer 2015
Location: Denmark
Number of Photos: 21



This is a SCANDINAVIAN CORVETTE Show, (Denmark, Norway, & Sweden)   Being an Email friend with, "CLUB CORVETTE DENMARK” This was a Corvette meet that was held one week after my family returned back to the States from a visit to Denmark. (6 Pictures)


Southern Oregon Corvette Association Show Weekend

Date: July 10th - 12th, 2015
Location: Southern Oregon
Number of Photos: 63

Len Atlas MC'ing and showing the “Wildlife Images Preserve rescue animals: Very large OWL, skunk, and a Wolf. Started the car show with COLC’s Jackie Hansen singing the National Anthem. 250 Corvettes lined up in C-generation series. After the Corvette show, came the dinner Jet Boat ride.

COLC, CSC, DVC, friends from Western Canada, and Seattle Corvette clubs.

Sunday morning breakfast and awards presentations. Jackie’s award for singing; John Yde for sponsors choice; Bob Dempsey, sponsors choice; Carl Ries also received a 'sponsors award’, from the Sourthern Oregon Corvette Association’s show.

Jackie’s C-7 and John’s C-1 were parked side by side in the modified class. The CANDLELIGHT'S KID’S chose Jackie’s C-7, and in 2011 The CANDLELIGHT'S KID’S chose John’s C-1; Quite an honor for the COLC club. At the end of the awards, COLC & CSC collected $300 donated to the Candle lighters, kids with cancer, program.  A total of $16,054.81 was raised this year, surpassing last years total of $14,000. ONE GREAT WEEKEND! 


Steeling the parade was Dennis & Gail Layton’s granddaughter, Brooklyn, driving a battery operated Red C-7 Corvette. She made it all the way through to the end of the parade.

Memorial Day Parade

Date: May 23rd, 2015
Location: Lakeport
Number of Photos: 7

13 Corvettes this year, earning a 1st place, Blue Ribbon, award.

Lakeport Boy Scouts received a $300 check for leading the Lakeport Memorial Day parade this year. Left to right: Michael Sharp, Senior Patrol Leader Brent Hinchcliff, Ed Schulman.

Photos by Gail L


Canadian Corvette Visit

Date: May 12th, 2015
Location: Sonoma County
Number of Photos: 10

The Corvettes of Sonoma County hosted eighteen people (nine Corvettes) from a Canadian Corvette club. 9 Canadian, 10 CSC, and 1 COLC Corvette.

First was a tour of the FERRARI CARANO winery and beautiful gardens on Dry Creek Rd. West of Healdsburg, then another tour at KORBEL Winery, on River Rd. West of Santa Rosa, having lunch there. KORBEL brought out their company Corvettes and the employees brought their Corvettes to work also.
The Canadians continued to Bodega Bay for dinner (and seeing where “THE BIRDS” was filmed), then off to drive part of Route 66 in Arizona, then North to Montana and West for home. A two week road trip.




Corvette Syndicate’s ninth year

Date: April 11th, 2015
Location: 326 mile, eleven hour round trip
Number of Photos: 9

Many different clubs from all over Nor-Cal participated. This was John Yde's fourth year representing the COLC club. (last year we had six COLC members make the run)

Started out leaving the Lakeville Hwy., ’park&ride’ lot in Petaluma. Then South, on Hwy.101,  to San Antonio Rd. to Point Reyes/Red Hill to Sir Frances Drake Blvd. North on Ca.-1 toward Jenner. Stopping at School House & Portages beaches' for pictures and ( tooo many cars for one beach) Then on to Hwy 116, Old River Rd. then River Rd. to Ca.101 on River Rd. just North of Santa Rosa, to the 5th floor parking lot at GRATON Casino, in Rohnert  Park, 130 Corvettes parked on the top floor. Then we had a late lunch and headed for home.

There were 130 registered Corvettes. Weather was perfect.

This may be the largest, 'all Corvette run,' in California.

Ken & Nancy R. drove their C-6 with their son, Ryan, driving their 71, and John Yde. Put over 326 miles, eleven hour round trip, on our Corvettes with John's 62 averaging 19.6 MPG. The '71 BIG BLOCK’  automatic trans., didn’t fare that well on fuel mileage.




Date: April 4th, 2015
Location: Sacramento
Number of Photos: 12

We had eight of us meeting on Hwy 20 /53, with Larry & Susan leading the way, and two more, Carl R. and Bob D. met us in Sacramento. With ten all together, but another Corvette club had nineteen members for Club Par.

There were many more awards this year at Hooters. Tim Boone, Boardwalk Chevrolet, sponsored many of the awards, with our COLC non-Run to the Lake moneys this year.

187 Corvettes registered.

Fast Arnie’ 62 /C-6 Restro Rod
COLC cars lined up with Chuck Y. checking out his raffle prize tickets.
My 62 with some Hooters girls
Bob D.  second place in C-1  
Myself with the  C-1, C-2, & C3, lower division Category, “Best of Show” in the early “C” series, along with the the “Distance” award.



32 members, 2 guests

Date: December 9th, 2014
Location: Running Creak Casino
Number of Photos: 5


Vets in Vettes

Date: November 11th, 2014
Location: Petaluma
Number of Photos: 5



Date: November 2014
Number of Photos: 6

This was a WSCC and HOOKED ON DRIVING event, at the SONOMA RACEWAY.  'CARS & COFFEE’ (free coffee and entry plus drive two laps on the track). Many Corvette clubs (mostly North Bay Area), three from CSC and John Yde from COLC. His 62 CORVETTE was in very good company surrounded by FERRARI’S, MAZZARITTIE’S, AND LAMBORGHINI’S, along with some CORBRA’S and LOTS OF CORVETTES.


ALL Clubs Corvette Run to the "USS HORNET”

Date: September 28th, 2014
Location: Alameda Naval Ship Yard
Number of Photos: 9

117 Corvettes, mostly the North Bay Area (six from CSC and one from COLC) made the run to the Alameda Naval ship yard. Having raffles for many things including free entries next year, and for two Corvettes being brought on deck of the Carrier, for pictures this year. A very good lunch and guided tour of the ship.


Mike R. Thompson Memorial "Corvette Weekend"

Date: May 24th & 25th, 2014
Location: Lake County
Number of Photos: 14

Boy Scout troop 42 lead the "Parade of 32 Corvettes" in downtown Lakeport Saturday AM. After the parade, 26 Corvettes traveled eight miles North to the RUNNING CREEK CASINO , in Upper Lake. After the Casino, 32 Corvettes were parked "ON THE GREEN", with 70 people enjoying a great Buffet dinner at Riviera Hills Golf course Restaurant, in Kelseyville.

Starting off the "CORVETTE WEEKEND" CORVETTE SHOW in Lakeport Sunday morning, was Jackie Hanson, singing the National Anthem with the, Lake County Vietnam Veterans holding the Stars and Stripes.
Mike Beal, presented Gail Layton with a $1,500 check for our COLC Charity, Lake Family Resource Center.



Date: April 5th, 2014
Location: Sacramento
Number of Photos: 13

Corvette Syndicate: Rainbow Run

Date: April 12th, 2014
Location: From Petaluma to the coast to Healdsburg
Number of Photos: 29

Last Minute Run to Fort Bragg for Lunch

Date: March 15th, 2014
Location: Fort Bragg
Number of Photos: 10



Lakeport Light Parade

Date: November 30th, 2013
Location: Main Street Lakeport
Number of Photos: 15


Date: Veterans Day, November 11th, 2013
Location: Petaluma
Number of Photos: 11

Veterans Day Parade with two COLC members participating

Rick & Sherry's "FUN RUN"

Date: October 26, 2013
Location: Hopland to the Francis Ford COPPOLA Vinery, then dinner at the UNION HOTEL in OCCIDENTAL
Number of Photos: 10

Auto Cross

Date: 2013
Location: Solano College parking lot in Fairfield & Laguna Seca
Number of Photos: 10


Date: July 20, 2013
Location: Lavjor Estate Winery, Gregory Grahm Winery, & Brassfield Estates Winery

Number of Photos: 12

Southern Oregon Corvette Association (SOCA) 2013 "CORVETTE WEEKEND"

Date: July 12-14, 2013
Location: Southern Oregon
Number of Photos: 105


Date: May 25th 2013
Location: Lake County
Number of Photos: 8 + Text





Light Parade & Donation to Lakeport Animal Shelter
Date: December 2012
Location: Lake County
Number of Photos: 8

WSCC Convention

Date: July 1, 2012
Location: Medford, Oregon
Number of Photos: 15

Pictures by Carl Ries

Corvettes of Lake County President John Yde, at right, presented a check for $300 to Boy Scout Troop 42 representatives Brent Hinchcliff (left) and Ian Pickersgill on Tuesday, June 12, 2012, at Guido's Pizza in Kelseyville, Calif. Photo by Gail Salituri.

Club honors Boy Scout Troop 42

June 13, 2012, by Gail Salituri

LAKEPORT – It's become a tradition: Boy Scouts Troop 42 carries the Corvettes of Lake County banner for Lakeport's Memorial Day Parade.

As part of this year's Memorial Day celebration, the ninth annual Corvettes of Lake County “Run to the Lake” took place.

There were 60 Corvettes in addition to some very unusual pace cars, with Troop 42 leading the way for these car enthusiasts that came from as far away as Oregon.

The Corvettes of Lake County presented Boy Scout Troop 42 with a check for $300 at the club's meeting on Tuesday at Guido's Pizza in Kelseyville.

9th Annual "RUN TO THE LAKE" Corvette Show

Date: May 26 & 27, 2012
Location: Lake County
Number of Photos: 374

We had sixty Corvettes in the LAKEPORT Memorial Day parade, with 58 Corvettes parked on the green, at the Riviera Hills Restaurant and golf course in Kelseyville. 120 people at the dinner, on Saturday, and 100 Corvettes in our Corvette show at Library Park in Lakeport on Sunday. This was the biggest show in the nine years wi have been doing this. Corvettes from Northern California and Oregon.

Drive Around the Theater

Date: April 14 & 15, 2012
Location: Lakeport
Number of Photos: 2

Transporting the actors in a play. We drooped them off in front of the theater where they walked, on a red carpet, into the theater.

Hooters Corvette Show

Date: April 7, 2012
Location: Sacramento
Number of Photos: 15

Jeff and Jackie Hansen won 1st place in the Peoples Choice Awards, and the Club won the Club Participant award ( most cars, 20 Corvettes) Accepted by the President; John Yde





Date: January - July 2011
Location: Various
Number of Photos: 232



Date: August - December 2011
Location: Various
Number of Photos: 60

Go Kart


Date: September 17, 2011
Location: Driven Raceway, Indoor Karting
Number of Photos: 6

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Ledson Vinyards


Date: October 12, 2011
Location: Ledson Winery & Vinyards
Number of Photos: 36

Christmas 2011

Christmas Parade 2011

Date: December 2011
Location: Main Street, Lakeport
Number of Photos: 16




Date: 3-29-2007
Location: Thunderhill Raceway Park, Willows, CA
Number of Photos: 162


Date: 6-16-2007
Location: ?
Number of Photos: 13


Date: 2007
Location: ?
Number of Photos: 44


Date: 2007
Location: ?
Number of Photos: 13

AZTEC Performance Corvette - Grand Opening  

Date: 2007
Location: Lakeport, CA
Number of Photos: 9


Date: May 5, 2007
Location: Calistoga, CA
Number of Photos: 9




Date: 2005
Location: Infineon Raceway
Number of Photos: 6




Date: July 16-17, 2004
Location: Infineon Raceway
Number of Photos: 75




Date: ?
Location: Lakeport, CA
Number of Photos: 15


Date: 2007
Location: Lake County
Number of Photos: 27