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John Yde's Family Trip to Denmark, Summer 2015


Wanted to say a little about my family’s VERY short, two week trip, to my homeland. DENMARK.  Visited with family that I had never seen, (cousins on my fathers side), and an Aunt & Uncle, (on my mothers side), I hadn't seen but twice in my lifetime. Many friends and LOTS of FOOD, Beer, Akvavit, and did I mention BEER & FOOD !!!!   HYGGE !  Many museums and famous parks. Tivoli,( 2nd. oldest park in the world), Carlsberg beer museum,   World famous Little mermaid, replacement Little mermaid from water and land, Lego land, Queens Palace, changing of the guard, Occupation Museum, Memorial wall, Hjerl Hede, Parliament buildings,some tall churches,  OLD town, and where our son, Erik, proposed to his 7 year, girlfriend Kassie, on top of Moesgaard Museum. ( she said “yes” ,,,,  DUH !!!) Ha

Spent 5 days in Copenhagen, Air BnB apartment, 5 days in Silkeborg, (Near Aarhus.)  Another Air BnB apartment,  Was invited to tour the house where I was born and lived from 4/1941 till 9/1948 in Holme. ( small town, now a part of Aarhus). The owners were very nice.  The house looked almost the same on the outside but very modern on the inside. Just standing there sure brought back many memories. The owners name was also JØRN.

Then down to Svendborg, where I met some “Club Corvette Denmark” members ( I am, kind of, an email member) Ha!  We went for 'top down' Corvette driving & rides, Ferry boat ride with a picnic lunch and some champaign to toast Erik and Kassie’s engagement.
This was a trip I will never forget. The weather this time of year is normally rain. Had rained straight for two weeks before we arrived,, But,,,,,, the weather was perfect  ( mid 70’s with sunshine ) It did rain on our last day. People thanked us for bringing some California weather with us.    The trip was over waaaay to quickly!!

Some photos, notice the shirts I was wearing.  I met Jørgen and his father at a Corvette show in Fairfield, Ca. six years ago in 2009. The family had also visited the National Corvette Museum in Bowling Green, Ky. and were heading too Seattle, Washing for the return flight back to Denmark. They spoke very little English at that time, as Andy H. can attest. I could communicate with the little Danish I remembered.
Most of the Corvettes, in Denmark, are the C-3 and C-6 models. That I saw, anyway. Despite the ‘wet’ weather,,,,all the Corvettes, I observed, were Convertibles !
Jørgen’s  three month old daughter, Evi Alva, was baptized the Sunday afternoon we arrived in Svendborg.  She is one happy beautiful doll !!!!!  I brought her a Sterling Silver baby cup with her name engraved, from D.Williams Jewelers, in Ukiah, Ca. before we left for Denmark.
It was really strange to see my/our name, ‘YDE', in so many places, I am related to all of them, AND they pronounced our name correctly !! HA!  ( I do have another 900 photos left) Hahaha!